Montclair: Where to Eat



As you will quickly notice Montclair and the surrounding towns are brimming with restaurants.  You can thank the State’s Liquor License Laws.  The number of liquor licenses allowed per town is based on a town’s populations-one license per 3,000 residents.  So a town like Montclair with a population of 39,000 only has 23 liquor licenses.  11 of those licenses belong to retail liquor stores and 12 belong to restaurants.  However, currently 3 of those 12 are inactive as the restaurants closed and the owners have not opened anything new.   That means BYOB for restaurant patrons who eat at most of the restaurants.  And, because people can bring their own booze, they can afford to go out and eat more frequently.  And they do!

Although the Bloomfield Ave. area probably has the largest number of restaurants and the most diverse, there are plenty of other streets brimming with smaller restaurants.  Your best bet is to figure out what type of food you’re interested in trying and then go online and search for a good restaurant.  Trip Advisor has a long, detailed list that is worth reviewing at

A Quick bite:

  • Breakfast Spots:
    • Starbucks.  There are 3 in the town and one in Glen Ridge so just Google them.
    • Walnut St. has a number of small restaurants that serve breakfast/lunch and Watchung Ave. does as well.
  • Pizza:  There are pizza places everywhere.   Just Google pizza places in Montclair!!!!
  • Deli’s- Two of the best are Italian:
    •  Nicolo’s Bakery and Deli on Baldwin (off Glen Ridge Ave.) which serves great sandwiches but also has all kinds of breakfast offerings and wonderful Italian bread…and outdoor picnic tables.
    • Belgiovine’s on Bloomfield Ave. across from Whole Foods
  • A “Soprano’s” favorite:  Holstein’s Brookdale Confectionary on Broad St. in Bloomfield where you can get a grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings.  Also, homemade candy and ice cream

Bakeries:  Hassler’s and Marker’s are gone but here are some good ones.

  • Gencarelli’s: open 5 am to 8 pm every day!!  Wonderful cannolis- Broad st., Blm.
  • Montclair Bread Co.  Great doughnut selection.  One of a number of other bakeries on Walnut st..
  • The Little Daisy Bake Shop specializing in cupcakes- Valley Rd.